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How to Develop the Instruction

ZONAMAHASISWA Praise be to Allah who orders us to take the right path for mutual benefit by knowing the rules.
we believe in Allah, The One and Only God who deserves to be worshipped. he takes us out of our mother's womb powerless. he gives us sign, hearing and feeling so that we are able to grateful and willing to learn the useful knowledge. he is the almighty Allah.
We belive that Muhammad is His servant and messenger for both human being and genie. He brings them good news and warning, asks them to believe in Allah. He is the light for us. Dear Allah, may Your blessing be to Muhammad and his family, his noble friends.
Alas human kind, be Taqwa to Allah by doing all of His orders and keep away from His prohibitions. Knowlede is the basis of a building the basis of a building the basis will be the final destination of good-ness, perfection, ewakness and destruction. Take the right and useful knowledge as the basis of your life.
The useful knowledge has both the purpose and the means. The purpose will be the basis for maintaining the faith and morals form the weakness. We all have our own weakness. We need the knowledge of religion which has been explained by our prophet. This knowledge to has much benefit.
Confront the bow all of you – rahimakumullah- and bow of all people who learn at theology, and inculcate the endless and beautiful plant in the marrow ofl all generation. At this rate circumstance will become the goodness, and deed will become holy, and also efficacy wil be abvle to be obtained in real life and also discourse. And by that’s akidah and behavior will be good, and intruction will lead us to kindliness.
This purpose won’t be reache unless we choose the right qualified, lyoal and fully pay attention on the students morality, we should give our highest appreciation to all teacher s who integrate both knowledge and religion.
Knowledge wihch is far away from religion, can’t purify the owner. Yet, it just one of the skills he got. Surely, it will plug the owner into the lowly place. Don’t yuou observe the deviation that happened at schools which underestimate reiligon? How its owner is instructed to badness and atheisme? How arrogancy fulfill the liver of all its owner, till they refrain from Rabb, the creator of human being?
As a result, science now is otherwise founded the above religion, hence its badness is surely continuing. If science is develop upon the religion, hence he will result the godness and glorious charitable. It’s just a joked when someone thinks that science can upstand without religon. He is in a greatl loss for someone who is simly trying to get science.
Don’t yo see the people materilist when the refrain from the noble akhalak? They only the valuable of something that is lower. Don’t you look at them try the difference of deviation of sou and lust? Don’t you witness the condition those who in confusion....don’t you see when they know a little from natural sciences then they become proud of themselves! And when the Mesenger come to them with their teaching, they understimate it though they know what they make game of is reside in about them!.
We take shelter to Allah from useless science, soul which have never satisfied, and prayer which is not replied nor granted.
Allah ta’la said:
"Invite (all) to the way of their Lord with wisdom ....” (An-Nahl [16]: 125)
“be you worshippers of Him Who is truly the Cherisher of all: for you have taught the Book and you have studied it earnestly” (Ali “imran [3] : 79)
Allah have given us the guide to the road of model and instruction to all student, so that we take the colsest path to deliver the knowledge to the marrow of people who learn it. It means, we needn’t to teach them with much knowledge, because human brain will not able to hold it, and could not overcome problems which he could not handle and memorize them. Yet, brain pesent to everyone what it can handle by and what makes it interested.
We memorize the lesson, epeat it. What is a little but it is built sturdy and solid will be better than much more but it will be eliminatd and forgotten. So it happens like this tha the science is abundant, some eliminate the other an brings laziness and boredom. That’s among the biggest damage and danger.
There are many pupils with such condition, he learn for a periods of time, but they gets nothing, without corrext knowledge and efficacy. There are many pupils who takes the right and useful path then he succeed with the kindliness and happiness.
As the strong do not burden themselves with to much works and bustle tha they could’nt hanle, hencen what will happened to this little brain if it is overloaded with matter which is impossible for it to handle? This is a heavy burden.
Allah Subhanau wa Ta’ala said,” And remember Allah took a Covenant from the People of the book, to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it: but they threw it away behind their backs, and puchased with it some miserable gain! And vile waws the bargain they made!” (Ali ‘Imran [3]: 187)
May Allah bless us whith what is saind in the holy Quranul Azhim.
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